Raneri’s Gourmet Almond Biscotti Bar


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Raneri’s Gourmet Almond Biscotti Bars are just like Raneri’s Gourmet Biscotti only they are individually packaged in 1 oz servings.  When you hear Biscotti, what’s the first thing that pops into your head?  A Hard Brick that you have to dunk into coffee or tea just to eat it.  Raneri’s Biscotti are not twiced baked, as they will naturally get hard after 5-7 days. Even then, they are not hard bricks but can be dunked in your favorite beverage.  At Raneri’s Gourmet we use premium sliced almonds to enhance the almond flavor and it makes them easier to chew.  Our selection of Vanilla Extract made from Madagascar Bourbon Beans is intoxicating to the palate.

We have found that some people cannot be trusted with a full box of Raneri’s Gourmet Biscotti.  We have documented accounts of containers not making it from one floor to another in the office.  Yes they are that good!  This is why the Biscotti Bar was created

You can now order and pay online and then select local pickup/delivery.  So for example you can order online and then pick up at the next event like Riverside Arts Market or wherever we are for the day.  We will also do local deliveries too.


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