Dan Raneri

Hi, let me introduce myself, my name is Dan Raneri…

Raneri’s Gourmet started years ago, I just didn’t know it. I enjoy cooking for people and the rich reward when someone smiles after taking a bite of your creation, is humbling. I am an IT professional for over 30 years and for the last 10 or so, people at work know me for my food. They are my test bed for all things new, and they would challenge me time after time. I would bring in beef brisket, various cheesecakes, and biscotti cookies to get their opinion and creative feedback. My co-workers even enjoyed the Nova Lox I made from the freshest wild Alaskan Salmon or the Lemon Curd from my Meyer lemon tree in the back yard.

I am not surprised I started cooking as much as I do. My Mom let us kids help cook in her kitchen all the time. My sister Tina ran the Cowboy Café in Wickenburg, Arizona for many years. My brother David has run several very successful food establishments, continuously refining his masterful art of creative dishes. He and his wife Stacy run the Oracle Patio Café in Oracle, Arizona. It is in our family DNA.

My love of my life and partner for over 30 years has supported all of my crazy ventures. This project, is different. I love the chemical reactions that occur while cooking and baking. It intrigues and inspires me to do more in the kitchen.

I have three sauces as the result of another ‘challenge’ from a co-worker. I was driving for a new BBQ sauce, full flavor, no sugar and all natural. The BBQ sauce had to be unique and enhance the flavor of the meat, not drown it in a sugary solution. The BBQ sauce needed to have texture and look appeasing, as it shows off its quality ingredients. As we worked through various formulations, one my daughter stated the sauce was great on steaks. So we thought, why not, and the steak sauce was locked in. After a while people wanted something with a little kick, so we came up with a masterful formula in our Hot Honey BBQ Sauce.  We hope you enjoy them as much as my family and friends do.

~ Ciao Dan